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Value Surge: Actionable expert tips to increase the value of your business

“Carl, what are specific strategies I can use to grow my business?” 

Two years ago, one of my clients, CEO, Daniel Patton, from Rothbright, stopped me in my tracks.

He said, “You know, Carl, I really like the Measure Success Podcast. I love the stories of the people and learning how they gained success. BUT, what I really want, I want to know the specific strategies to grow my business now!”

I have not forgotten that feedback from nearly 2 years ago. Today, I’m excited that we are answering that question.

Launching our 4-minute business breakthroughs podcast

Beginning in June 2024, we are launching a 4-minute strategies podcast to help value surge your business. This is going to answer my friend Daniel Patton‘s request. It will include short actionable strategy tips to help increase the value of his business, Rothbright.

We will be collaborating and interviewing with top strategy experts, entrepreneurs, business operators, and small to medium-sized private equity investors from around the world to speak on these key strategies in just four minutes. 

We believe this podcast has an opportunity to be a winner. This creates significant value for business entrepreneurs to consume in a short period of time. Entrepreneurs can consider applying these areas to their small to medium-sized business, and answer what my friend Daniel asked.

Join us as a Guest Business Expert – A Call to Action 

If you are a consulting expert, entrepreneur, CEO, experienced business operator, or private equity investor for small to medium-sized businesses, we would love for you to be a guest on our 4-minute podcast.

Beginning in April, we will start recording our expert guests.

If you are interested in being a part of this Value Surge, we are excited to have you apply (click here) to be a guest.

Starting in June, we will go live discussing one key strategy each week. Each strategy will have different experts on the same core topic.

We are going to start with our 40 best actionable strategies that increase the value of your business.

Our marketing strategy 

We are planning on this value surge podcast to have a significant impact.

Therefore, if you’re interested in being a guest, plan on being a part of that community, there will be no cost for you to be a guest. However, we are asking for you to bring your best to each episode and market it to your social network.

To apply to be a guest, click here or email me to learn more.

Measure Success Podcast
Elliot & Dom Chapman | Brothers in Business: Scaling Success Together 

Elliot Chapman & Dom Chapman, Co-Founders of Chapman Capital. As two brothers, they share what it’s like to acquire and sell businesses, grow world-leading agencies, and invest in exciting teams worldwide. 

Social Chaps was born out of the frustration of trying to find good marketing agencies in the B2B space. Both co-founders, also brothers, have been running their own B2B businesses for the last 5 years from startups, to management consultancies.

Their issue, was finding a partner who understood the B2B space and understood what it meant to market their products and services. They decided to roll their sleeves up and take matters into their own hands. After 3 successful years of extensive growth, they decided that the systems & processes they put into place are replicable across all types of B2B businesses. This is where Social Chaps was born.

Speak On Podcasts is a leading podcast booking agency for B2B companies. They have refined the process of podcast booking at scale in a world where trust, reputation, and thought leadership have become critical to B2B success.

Sheldon Bernard | Maximizing Strategic Decisions & Success: Expert Insights

In a world where decisions can make or break careers and companies, understanding the science behind effective decision-making is more critical than ever. Our latest Measure Success Podcast episode offers an opportunity to delve into this subject with one of the leading minds in the field, Sheldon Bernard.

Sheldon Bernard, a pioneer in applied decision sciences, has dedicated over 15 years to assisting Fortune 100 executives navigate complex challenges. His innovative approach, using the DIRECT framework, empowers leaders and organizations to make informed decisions, even in the face of uncertainty.

This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in enhancing their strategic thinking, leadership skills, and decision-making acumen. Whether you’re at the helm of a corporation, spearheading a startup, or navigating career choices, the insights shared by Sheldon Bernard can provide a solid foundation for making better decisions.

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