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Five months of preparation and here we are. On June 3rd, 2024, we are excited to launch our new business daily podcast, $4M Strategies™. This is a 4-minute podcast designed for entrepreneurs, operators, executives, management for small to mid-sized businesses.

$4M Strategies™ is for the fast-paced professional who is looking for quick tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies to grow and increase the value of their business. Most people don’t have the time to listen to a 35-minute podcast, but they CAN incorporate a 4-minute daily business habit to learn from experts.

Our podcast will be available on the 40 Strategy website, every major podcast platform, and YouTube.

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Why did this start?

About two years ago, Daniel Patton, CEO, Rothbright, said, you know Carl, it would be great to know what specific tactics that I should use to grow my business. I don’t have time for the full podcasts, but I want to know what I should work on right now. I want to thank my friend and podcast guru, Josh Wilson, who introduced me to the idea of a shorter podcast, which ultimately led to our 4-minute podcast length.

Too popular?

Our Measure Success Podcast has another growing problem. We currently have a 4-month backlog of guests on the current podcast. Unfortunately, we have had to turn away a number of potential great guests, due to lack of availability.

$4M Strategies™ provides us the flexibility and firepower to have more experts bring us their absolute best – their most important strategy – in just 4 minutes!

When available, guests will include tools and PDFs that will be available for download, so you can start applying the concepts today.

40 Strategies™ 

Every week, we have a strategic theme to work ON your business. This theme is based on the 40 Strategies™, listed on our Trusted Partners page to create value and grow your business. We have a $4M Strategy™ Risk Assessment that can help identify which focus area of your business will provide you the highest value.

Here’s a snapshot of the 1st 3 weeks:

  • Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Execution

On Mondays, I will kick off the week, highlighting the upcoming weekly interviews and providing our insights into each strategy theme. Tuesday through Friday, a different, expert guest will reveal their game changing strategies and tactics.

We will repeat this process every week, for the next 40 weeks, as we go through all 40 Strategies™. After the 40 weeks launch, we discuss IN the business strategies.

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Why is it called $4M Strategies?

It’s different, it is valuable, it’s 4 minutes, and the math worked.

Let me briefly explain.

Our research found that a typical small business with $1M in profit will sell with 3x multiple = $3M current business valuation. On average, this business is 57% below their potential value of $7M. The difference or trapped value is $4M.

$3M = Current Value

$4M = Trapped Value

$7M = Potential Value

Our 40 Strategies™ recover that $4M difference in trapped value. For larger companies, it’s a bigger impact. For smaller businesses, this is a worthy goal.

These strategies REDUCE the risk ON your business, which INCREASES the VALUE of your business.

Why #jackislistening?

Jack is the CEO, in my book, Lost at CEO, An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Strategy. He is our avatar, our CEO, our typical client. I was Jack. Today, I still have some Jack in me. (See #jackislistening blog.)

I have learned that Jack is listening, watching, and learning. But rarely posting. He is too busy and often cautious to say something on social media. However, we know, he knows, there always is a better way to grow their business.

Jack, welcome to our new podcast, $4M Strategies™, starting June 3rd. I think you are going to love this!

#jackislistening #$4MStrategies

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Measure Success Podcast 
Phil Johnson | Boost EQ for Success: Insights with Phil Johnson

In this week’s episode, Phil Johnson shared his insights on the threats of rapid global change and the critical need for developing emotional intelligence. As we navigate through the complexities of modern life, Phil emphasized the urgency of evolving our emotional capabilities to keep pace with technological advancements and societal shifts. Have you read Phil’s book The Servant Warrior Leader?

Chat with Phil

Olivia Atkin | Key Business Strategies for Success

In next week’s episode of the Measure Success Podcast with your host Carl J. Cox, features Olivia Atkin, entrepreneur, author, and founder of Achieving Success LLC. Olivia shares her invaluable insights into building a successful business and personal brand.

Have you read her book? Achieving Success in Career Development

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