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The 40 Strategy CAPTAIN methodology is a proven pathway for scaling organizations, from startup to $40 million—and beyond.

If you’re a CEO frustrated with the amount of time you’re spending IN your business, instead of ON it…

Are you struggling with an unaligned team? Slow and non-scalable business processes? Missed market opportunities? A pattern of failed strategic plans?

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Do any of these sound like you?

Your team is underperforming, wasting time, or resistant to change:

Employees work in silos—often on low-value activities that don’t impact the bottom line. They don’t like the idea of change, because they haven’t experienced next-level success before. But you’re not sure who should be in which seats, or how to align everyone around a shared goal. Book a call.

Your processes are inefficient and inconsistent:

Projects take longer than they should to get over the finish line. Even within the same department, processes vary from person to person. That inconsistency has led to mistakes and poor customer service. Do you leave for a 2-week vacation and strategic initiatives stop moving forward?

You’ve hit a plateau—and not sure how to scale past it:

You have a sinking suspicion you’re using the wrong software. Or you’re measuring the wrong Key Performance Indicators. Focusing on the wrong products and services that are either too time-consuming or too complex to scale. But you can’t figure out which levers to pull to get out of the rut. Book a call.

You’re worried about money:

It feels like there’s never enough cash to handle the problems that come your way. You’ve often had to sacrifice long-term value for saving cost in the short-term. Perhaps, your shareholders are not getting the value they expected. But there’s no one around you to help you make some of those huge, profit-driving choices. Book a call.

You’re overwhelmed and afraid to make the wrong decision:

In a rapidly shifting world, you don’t want to be left behind. But you’ve reached a point of analysis paralysis. Trapped in indecision because you don’t want to lead your organization down the wrong path. You know you need to make some major shifts in your business. Lacking a trusted advisor or confidante to bounce ideas off of.

How a land surveying company transformed its business (and profits) within 1 year

Carl has developed the CAPTAIN strategy method. This principle-based approach to strategy is a proven pathway for scaling organizations from startup to $40 million — and beyond.


Compass [Alignment]: Learn how to get your whole team’s buy-in to a common goal. We teach you how to craft and communicate a vision everyone will actually get behind.


Aspire [Goal]: Define your next destination. We help you design stretch goals to change your behaviors to reach the next level.


Plan [Strategy]: Define the “how” — the milestones and action steps that will help you and your team achieve your goals. You’ll design a world-class strategic plan.


Trim [Focus]: Scaling your business means cutting the fat and shifting focus to your most high-value activities. We’ll evaluate where there’s organizational
bloat, and how to streamline your processes to eliminate waste.


Act [Launch]: We set clear deadlines for each step of your strategic plan. Then we help your team generate quick wins to build momentum.


Illuminate [Measuring]: According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that focus on the right leading indicators can triple their success. Here, we’ll help you determine which indicators you should measure. Then you can track your success and make more progress, faster.


Navigate [Learning]: A strategic plan is a hypothesis — not a fact. We’ll evaluate what’s working and not working, using those insights to adjust your strategy.

Meet 40 Strategy Founder and CEO Carl J. Cox

Carl is a business strategist, growth expert, trusted advisor to CEOs, and Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. He is a former C-level executive at five companies with operations in four continents. He has experience in strategic planning and operations, accounting, project management, sales, and lean manufacturing.

Through his career, Carl has grown multiple companies 3x to 5x—a rate of scaling he thought was normal. It wasn’t until he served as CEO-North America for an Australia-based strategic planning and software company that he realized this was not the norm. In that role, where he founded the company’s U.S. office, Carl consulted on hundreds of companies’ strategic plans. He quickly learned what separated failed plans from the top 10% that actually succeeded.

Carl is passionate about helping businesses—from startup to $40M—design great strategic plans and hold leaders accountable to actually get them done. After founding 40 Strategy, Carl’s CAPTAIN methodology has been proven to help organizations reach their goals 3x faster, skyrocket profitability, and quickly scale their business. Book a call and learn more!

How the CAPTAIN method helped Don 2x and even 3x parts of his Precision Machine & Manufacturing business.

With the proven strategies of the CAPTAIN methodology, plus accountability and expertise from the 40 Strategy team, you’ll be able to:

Drive faster business growth:

Ditch the processes, tools, or services that are holding your business back from its true potential. Figure out which high-impact areas to focus on, and leverage them to make more (and faster) progress towards your goals.

Improve profitability:

Streamlining your processes means more efficiency, less wasted time, better customer service—and better profit margins.

Get back to true CEO duties:

Get out of the weeds of day-to-day operations. Return to big-picture visioning and strategic planning. And know that with the work you’ve done, your business is now set up to keep making progress on your strategic initiatives—even when you’re not in the office.

Actually accomplish your strategic plan:

Stop letting delays, lack of accountability, unclear plans, or fear of failure get in the way of reaching your goals. Lay out a clear path towards success, establish milestones and check-ins, and build momentum every step of the way.

Align your team around a shared vision:

You’ll finally get team members in the right seats, according to their unique talents. With clarity of the company vision (and how it benefits them), as well as their individual responsibilities, milestones, and deadlines, they’ll take ownership of their role. They’ll feel empowered to help drive company success.

The CAPTAIN Strategy Program provided me a solid understanding of strategic planning principles and taught me what is required to ensure success vs. failure.

I’ve been in similar workshops where everything is theoretical and appears to be disconnected from the realities of today’s business world. I loved that real world examples were used to reinforce the concepts which helped “make it real.” The collaborative environment allowed me to learn from the fellow participants as we went through the process.

The program is more than just a learning exercise: Coming out of the program I had solid strategic plan ready to implement. Whether you lead a team of 500 or are a one-person start-up, the CAPTAIN Strategy Program can be used to put your business on a path to greater success.”

— Bob McGlasson, Director at a Fortune 100 company

It’s time to step out of the analysis paralysis and inefficiency that’s stalling your success.

Do you want to stay stuck on your current plateau?

Wondering which shifts you should make, how to align your team, or what’s causing the pattern of failed strategic plans, year after year?

Or are you ready to get the strategy, support, and accountability you need to finally scale your business?

It’s time to replace stagnancy with momentum.