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Certified CliftonStrengths Coach

Carl is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, regularly using this methodology to build teams within organizations for over 15 years. His natural strengths of Arranger, Maximizer and Individualization help him to identify talent and put them in the right place in the organization to maximize their effectiveness. At 40 Strategy Inc, Carl applies this methodology to help his US based clients reach their goals faster.

CAPTAIN Strategy™ Survey 

The CAPTAIN Strategy™ survey gives organizations a base-line measure of leadership alignment.

Members of the leadership team meet with Carl in one-on-one meetings to discuss current state and get their insights into future opportunities for the organization.

The CAPTAIN Strategy™ survey is also used with larger management teams, including mid-level managers.

Middle managers are vital in organizations and are often responsible for implementing the necessary changes to achieve the new strategic initiatives. By involving them early in the process, they gain a deeper understanding and are committed to helping to ensure success.

Denison™ Culture Survey

40 Strategy partners with a team that conducts culture surveys for organizations. If you are interested in a survey to gather a broader look, the surveys can measure an organization’s:

  • Value Drivers
  • Overall Health
  • Culture by Organizational Level
  • Function Viewpoints
  • Culture by Tenure
  • Decision Making
  • Culture by Legacy

Meet 40 Strategy Founder and CEO Carl J. Cox

Carl is a business strategist, growth expert, trusted advisor to CEOs, and Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. He is a former C-level executive at five companies with operations in four continents. He has experience in strategic planning and operations, accounting, project management, sales, and lean manufacturing.

Through his career, Carl has grown multiple companies 3x to 5x—a rate of scaling he thought was normal. It wasn’t until he served as CEO-North America for an Australia-based strategic planning and software company that he realized this was not the norm. In that role, where he founded the company’s U.S. office, Carl consulted on hundreds of companies’ strategic plans. He quickly learned what separated failed plans from the top 10% that actually succeeded.

Carl is passionate about helping businesses—from startup to $40M—design great strategic plans and hold leaders accountable to actually get them done. After founding 40 Strategy, Carl’s CAPTAIN methodology has been proven to help organizations reach their goals 3x faster, skyrocket profitability, and quickly scale their business. Book a call and learn more!

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