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Carl Cox is the CEO and founder of 40 Strategy. He is the author of Lost at CEO, An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Strategy, Host of the Measure Success Podcast and the $4M Strategies™ mini-podcast. Carl has been an executive leader in seven different organizations who have grown from 2x to 7x with operations in four continents. Today, Carl is tracking towards his 10-year vision to positively impact over 1 million people, 10,000 organizations, and to donate at least $1 million to charity.

Carl is a sought after speaker and podcast guest challenging audiences to think differently about strategy. He shows how you can defy the odds to reach your destination faster. His inspiring message will empower you to change your habits and discover a better way.

Lost at CEO 

Carl J. Cox is the author of Lost at CEO: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Strategy. This debut book from Carl was the #1 bestseller in 12 separate Amazon categories.

A business book at heart, Lost at CEO is a fictional story examining what it means to be a CEO in the 21st century. It shows how entrepreneurs and organization leaders can steer their teams in the right direction, and strategies for successfully scaling a business.  All without sacrificing their time with family (or their sanity).

Lost at CEO has been praised as an “invaluable” resource for business owners. Readers call it a “page-turner,” a book filled with “battle-tested advice,” and a “captivating story rich with practical wisdom.” You can learn more about Lost at CEO on our website or purchase a copy on Amazon.

Keynote Topics

  • How to scale your business with strategy:

For entrepreneurs or business owners who are tired of seeing their strategic plans fail, year after year. Carl’s proven CAPTAIN process is a 7-step system that any business, any size, and in any industry, can use to scale their organization effectively and sustainably.

  • How to measure success in business & in life:

How can you know if you’ve reached a goal if you’re not measuring progress? Carl is so passionate about measuring success that he has his own podcast about the topic — the Measure Success Podcast.

  • Developing key performance indicators that drive behavior:

Many businesses are using the wrong metrics to track progress and inspire their teams. Carl is an expert in leading and lagging indicators, matching strategic plans with the appropriate metrics, and teaching how to integrate these into your business.

  • Hiring a great leadership team that fits your needs:

To scale, you need support infrastructure. But hiring is one of the biggest challenges in 21st century business. Carl can talk about how to overcome those challenges, recruiting and hiring mistakes to avoid, and more.

  • Top mistakes entrepreneurs or business owners make in their strategic planning:

Strategy is a field that’s only been around a few decades — but many business owners are still entrenched in “how things have always been done.” In Carl’s experience, he’s learned what doesn’t work as much as what works, and he can speak in detail on both.

  • How to be strategic with your remote workforce:

Research has shown that employees working from home are actually some of the most engaged workers. So why is this? How can organization leaders ensure their remotely distributed teams stay on track? And how can they get the most out of their employees, regardless of where they’re working from?

  • How to grow your business… in any economy:

Whether we’re in the midst of a recession, the economic market has hit a specific industry hard, or we’re hit with cascading supply chain problems. It’s still possible to scale a business, in any climate. And Carl can explain the principles organizations should follow in order to do so.

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