Lost at CEO:
An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Strategy

Lost at CEO

Lost at CEO:

“Jack is a stressed out CEO of a once-great business, Stackflow. But after a pandemic, supply chain chaos, labor market fluctuations, and his own failed strategic initiatives, Jack is struggling to keep his head above water. And the company’s. Like nearly every other CEO, Jack is working endless hours (away from his family, who is quickly losing patience). During those long days, he’s cobbling together ideas and goals — and still not seeing meaningful results.

But if Jack can’t figure out how to make the company profitable again, Stackflow’s days are limited. Or at least Jack’s days are limited as CEO.

It’s in the midst of this struggle that Jack has a chance encounter that will change the course of his life and business. Charlie Joseph is a strategic consultant who’s led transformations at hundreds of other businesses. It’s this coincidental meeting that will help Jack reimagine everything he’s been doing as a leader. Charlie helps Jack design a strategy for success that actually works, navigate through the storms of high-level business in the 2020s, and finally right the ship.

Jack’s journey is one that any CEO can learn from. And Charlie’s approach to strategy has the power to transform any business that has struggled with stale strategic retreats, failed initiatives, and stalled-out growth. (That is to say, nearly all of them.)”

Lost at CEO, An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Strategy reached Amazon’s best-seller in 12 different categories at launch!
2024 Winner – Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards

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