Ready to scale your business the right way?

Ready to scale your business the right way?

You need a world-class strategic plan…
and the accountability to actually get it done.

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Ready to scale your business the right way?

It would be best if you had a world-class strategic plan… and the accountability to actually get it done.

Did you know that 90% of strategic plans fail?

And it’s because too many talented business owners like you are lost…at CEO. You feel rudderless and unable to get your ship moving in the right direction.

You are:

Do any of these
sound like you?

You’re stuck IN the business, and can’t find time to work ON it… so your organization has plateaued. And you can’t figure out your next step.

Your internal processes are inefficient or inconsistent, causing wasted time, frustrated employees, poor customer service, or slow delivery of projects.

You’re scared to make the wrong decision… so you get frozen in analysis paralysis and don’t make ANY decision.

Your team is underperforming, working in silos, or resistant to change. But you don’t know how to align everyone around a shared vision — or how to get the right people in the right seats.

You feel like your business never has enough money on hand to solve problems that pop up. And you’re starting to worry about meeting shareholder expectations.

When you leave for a 2-week vacation, you know that strategic initiatives are going to stall out while you’re gone.

You’re lonely at the top. Whenever you’re faced with a huge decision, you don’t have a trusted advisor or confidante to bounce ideas off of.

You’re afraid of being left behind in a rapidly shifting world. But you don’t know which strategies, tools, or ideas to implement.

To build a strategy that will ACTUALLY scale your business, you need to optimize your:


You can’t scale a business without a great team. We teach you how to attract and retain your team, maximize their talents, get them in the right seats, and align them around a shared vision.


Bloated, time-consuming, inefficient processes kill an organization’s ability to scale. We’ll show you how to eliminate waste, streamline, and improve your efficiency that will save you time… AND help your team get back to what they do best.


No strategic plan is effective without an accountability system, as well as a system to actually execute that plan’s steps. We work directly with your team and leaders to build those systems that not only help you achieve your short-term strategic goals — but also set yourself up for long-haul success.

Carl has developed the CAPTAIN strategy method. This principle-based approach to strategy is a proven pathway for scaling organizations from startup to $40 million — and beyond.


Compass [Alignment]: Learn how to get your whole team’s buy-in to a common goal. We teach you how to craft and communicate a vision everyone will actually get behind.


Aspire [Goal]: Define your next destination. We help you design stretch goals to change your behaviors to reach the next level.


Plan [Strategy]: Define the “how” — the milestones and action steps that will help you and your team achieve your goals. You’ll design a world-class strategic plan.


Trim [Focus]: Scaling your business means cutting the fat and shifting focus to your most high-value activities. We’ll evaluate where there’s organizational
bloat, and how to streamline your processes to eliminate waste.


Act [Launch]: We set clear deadlines for each step of your strategic plan. Then we help your team generate quick wins to build momentum.


Illuminate [Measuring]: According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that focus on the right leading indicators can triple their success. Here, we’ll help you determine which indicators you should measure. Then you can track your success and make more progress, faster.


Navigate [Learning]: A strategic plan is a hypothesis — not a fact. We’ll evaluate what’s working and not working, using those insights to adjust your strategy.


The CAPTAIN Strategy Program has 7 key principles that we apply to our strategy design and execution.

“Carl Cox is one of the most dynamic consultants I have run across in almost 20 years in private equity. His quantitative/qualitative approach to fixing companies is innovative and successful. Carl’s strategies should be accretive to any business or organization.”

— Private Equity Partner

How a land surveying company
transformed its business (and
profits) within 1 year

CEO Kenny Green’s company, Terrane, was already a thriving, well-regarded land surveying business in the Puget Sound region. But the organization had hit a plateau, projects were stalling, and there was no clear growth strategy in place.

Through the 40 Strategy CAPTAIN methodology, we identified how to reduce Terrane’s land surveying process from 140 hours to 40, clarified which Key Performance Indicators the company should measure, shuffled team members around until they were in their right-fit roles, and eliminated waste.

Thanks to that work, Terrane increased sales by over 40%, Kenny got back to more strategic duties, and the company set itself up for long-haul success — all within a year.

Discover how to optimize your people, processes, and systems to streamline your operations, skyrocket your profits, and transform your business.

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