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We are called 40 Strategy because most organizations spend a mere 2% of their time on strategy - about 40 hours a year. As a result, many organizations simply do not have adequate internal strategic planning experience. That’s why smart organizations engage with our strategic planning expertise in order to support their teams with proven practices and facilitation skills that extract the best thinking.

Strategic Facilitation

In December 2019, there were 10 million active daily Zoom users.  Today, there are over 200 million users.  Times have changed but the needs have not.  As a former executive with a strategic planning software company, virtual strategic planning and execution was our normal state of mind.  Work with 40 Strategy to develop your strategic planning and get back on track.

Scenario Planning

The future is hard to predict right now.  As a former financial executive for several growth organizations, running multiple scenarios was critical to evaluate when different elements of the strategic plan would activate when we hit certain thresholds.  We can support your scenario planning to provide you more confidence about what actions to take in the future.

40 Strategy

Navigate Your Strategy With Purpose

Carl j cox


Over 15 years of executive leadership creating strategic plans and delivering results.  Carl works with clients throughout the world, sharing best strategic practices.  Carl has been a key decision-maker to help multiple organizations double their size or greater.  Globally, he has supported operations in four continents.  Carl is a trusted advisor for executives and board members.  Outside of his professional work, Carl is a devoted husband and father of four children.


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