Ready to accelerate your strategic planning process?

The CAPTAIN Strategy program gives you:

  • The tools, resources, support, and best practices for creating a world-class strategic plans

  • Guidelines for how to effectively execute it

If you and your organization have…

  • Wasted countless hours in strategic retreats that go nowhere

  • Come up with a “great” strategy… and then nothing ever gets done

  • Struggled to establish milestones and actionable steps for your biggest goals

  • Watched deadlines and plans fly out the window, quarter after quarter and year after year

… then the CAPTAIN Strategy program is your key to better planning, seamless execution, accountability to reach your goals.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels. 

The CAPTAIN Strategy program has 7-key principles, with a proven framework

Join our next cohort of the 8-week group program, and learn from masterminds of other top-performing small to mid-sized business owners looking to sustainably scale their companies.

Optional additional services are available, including one-to-one executive coaching or a 2-day on-site strategic facilitation

Tier 1: Lieutenant — Group program

Week 1: Introduction, Challenges, Goals / Outcomes

Week 2: C – Compass [Alignment System]: Develop an inspiring vision to attract and retain top-tier employees, and build alignment to execute that vision.

Week 3: A – Aspire [Goal System]: Create stretch goals, and establish “WHAT” you want to pursue — even if it initially feels out of reach.

Week 4: P – Plan [Strategy System]: Design a detailed, focused plan on “HOW” to scale your business and recruit the right “WHO” to help get it done.

Week 5: T – Trim [Focus System]: Evaluate your objectives based on impact and likelihood of success, then prioritize the top 2-3 to focus on.

Week 6: A – Act [Launch System]: Establish clear start and end dates and learn how to install 10-week implementation sprints.

Week 7: I – Indicator [Measuring System]: Flip the script of how you measure success, and figure out the best key performance indicators to monitor that will ACTUALLY bring you results.

Week 8: N – Navigate [Learning System]: Learn the “keep, start, stop” approach to evaluate initiatives, and design a process for iterating on your real-time experience.

Tier 2: Lieutenant Commander — Group program + weekly one-on-one mentoring

Tier 3: Commander — Group program + weekly one-on-one mentoring + 2-day on-site facilitation

Tier 4-6: Admiral — Individual Company Programs

Meet your coach:
Carl J. Cox

Carl J. Cox is the founder and CEO of 40 Strategy and host of the Measure Success Podcast. He brings 3 decades of executive experience, including helping lead 7 companies to 2x growth or more.

Join a 2023 Cohort

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40 Strategy also offers…

  • Executive coaching – Individual insights to grow your business

  • CliftonStrengths assessments – Talent driven focus to build teams

  • KPI Development and Tracking – Find the right KPIs to manage your business

  • Keynote speaking and strategic workshops – Enhance your events with strategic insights