We were recently talking with a very successful operator in a private equity business.

We were curious if we did our 40 strategies assessment, whether he would find value in it.

When doing market research, I always like to test to see if real clients and real prospects actually find value in the products and services that you’re going to provide. It’s always a little bit of a risk because it’s possible that they won’t like what you have. And then you have to stop doing something, or adjust the way you’re going to use it.

In the test with the CEO, he did the assessment properly, he fairly valued how things were going. He gave himself a pretty low rating. He recognized his actual experience, but they had a lot to work on.

Increase Business Value

This is sometimes the opposite of the business owner, who has only their own personal experience, working in one business for a number of years. They will often have a tendency to overstate the way things are actually operating. They can’t see the way things are from the outside world.

We met and went through all the details in each respective area, all 40 strategies.

And it became very evident. There are a number of areas that can be focused on to help increase the value of their business. The goal of this operator is to make sure that they can increase value so they can sell it to the next set of investors. This was critical to make sure that they’re focused on the right things.

What got me excited, was when he said, “You know, these are the things that I’ve been telling my leadership team every single day. If we focus on these things, working on the business, we help increase the value of the business. The difference is now we can actually put a value on which things we work to have the biggest return on investment.”

As soon as we had completed the study, he told us that the assessment exceeded his expectations. He said, “I’d like the rest of my team to take it now to see where they think things are at. Then they will have an understanding of what actions they should work on next, to increase the value of the business.”

According to HBR, taking a stakeholder approach to strategic planning inspires managers to raise their thinking to the organization level.

If you are interested in learning more about increasing the value of your business, without increasing your profits, use this link to start your assessment or contact us. We can have a conversation about what works best for you. Increase Business Value.

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