PTS Advance

Dane Groeneveld’s LinkedIn Post: Feb 2024

“It was a special moment to see Dustin House deliver the kickoff presentation of the PTS Advance 10 year CAPTAIN strategy at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

After a lot of hard work – teaming up with Carl J. Cox and 40 Strategy – the team has an exciting map of harbors and journeys to be moving through in the first 3 years. Carl’s approach, which he narrates in his book “Lost at CEO – an Entrepreneurs Guide to Strategy”, is really engaging and includes the leadership team building together.

Strategy as a team sport!

It was also great to see all the visuals that Lauren Luckenbach had built to support the meetings too.

I am excited for the upcoming adventure and intrigued by the question of where this team is going to make its biggest impact as they follow this plan and measure success together.

PS – a big thanks to Carl for the branded top after shooting a Measure Success Podcast together.”

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