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Precision Machine & Manufacturing

From Don Lindsey LinkedIn April 2023:

I really appreciate these kind words and the ongoing support from Carl J. Cox !! The opportunity to lead the team at Precision Machine & Manufacturing and work with the people that I get to call my #workfamily every day has been the opportunity of my lifetime! I truly love my team and the work we are doing together!

The #transformation of Precision Machine & Manufacturing is really only centered around two things, BUT they are the two most important things!

1) No company turnaround can happen without the right team in place! PERIOD!! Over the past 2-1/2 years, our focus has been to create a #team consisting of the most highly-skilled, hardest-charging experts within their field, who also possess positive #winning attitudes, and bringing them together into a single unit! I am blessed to have 48 people who fit this category! Within this group are not only tremendous hard-chargers but strong leaders who not only care about the company but one another! When a group of people moves from focusing on the “I” and instead focus on the “WE” a company transformation can begin!

2) A GOOD Strategic Plan! Without a road map (navigation) does a person ever get into the car and start driving if they don’t know where they are going? So is the case with a #strategicplan! A good strategic plan is the road map that guides a company toward its desired goals and objectives. Without it, a company will never be able to realize its full potential!

“A failure to plan is simply planning to fail!” -Benjamin Franklin 1790

Carl J. Cox has been instrumental in this process! As my strategic guide, mentor, friend, and ultimately wise counsel, Carl has worked closely with my team and I to develop a #strategicplan that would guide the company into the future. Once the plan was developed, we focused on #execution! Carl worked with the team to set no more than 2-3 strategic goals per business unit, which aligned with our strategic priorities. This focus drove the execution of the strategic plan and ensured that we were always moving the organization forward!

Going into the third year of our plan, we continue to refine the plan and create new goals and objectives! As I look back at what we have accomplished, there is no way we do so without first having the right team and second a great strategic plan!

#strategicplan is not a luxury, it is a necessity and I cannot give Carl J. Cox a higher recommendation! Do your business and your people a favor and call Carl!

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