Welcome to another episode of the Measure Success Podcast! This week, we’re thrilled to feature Sheldon Bernard for the 2nd time. He is the founder of 440 Management and an expert in applied decision sciences. Join us as we talk about the complexities of making decisions in uncertain environments.

Episode Highlights:
  • Understanding Cognitive Biases: Sheldon discusses how cognitive biases can affect our decision-making processes. He shares techniques for recognizing and mitigating these biases.
  • The ‘DIRECT’ Framework: Discover Sheldon’s innovative framework designed to enhance decision-making in complex and uncertain scenarios.
  • Generative AI’s Role in Business: Learn how generative AI is transforming business strategy and what it means for the future of leadership and innovation.

About Sheldon Bernard: Sheldon Bernard is a pioneer in the field of decision sciences. He has over 15 years of experience helping Fortune 100 executives navigate complex decisions. His approach combines psychological insights with practical strategies to improve decision quality under uncertainty.

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Listener Feedback:

Listener Feedback

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