For virtually every human being, there’s a gap between where they are currently, and where they’re *capable* of getting. Sometimes that gap can be small (and closing). Sometimes it can feel gigantic, especially without the right work ethic or motivation, mindset, and soft skill set. But bridging that gap between reality and potential is exactly what our latest guest is an expert in.


Jason Ma is the preeminent Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders and CEO of ThreeEQ. With deep expertise in elite college admissions, college life, executive, and parent coaching, Jason has guided and transformed 1:1 the lives of numerous Gen Z and elder leaders from teens to CEOs, while easing legacy and succession planning in wealthy families. 


Listen to the full conversation for more on the secrets behind some of the most successful leaders’ motivation, how to overcome imposter syndrome even when you do reach your goals, why humility is so important to leadership, and more.


Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn: 


  • What drove Jason to become a foremost coach/mentor in addition to hismigrate from tech and global business repertoireto the coaching sector
  • How Jason guides in overcominges the common challenge of motivation — including for kids with ultra-successful parents 
  • Why Jason believes no human being has reached their full potential, plus the importance of “pragmatic humility” 
  • How to teach someone humility 
  • Why it’s so important to want to “aggressively learn” and grow
  • How Jason helps others overcome imposter syndrome
  • Why Jason is a “secret weapon” for helping students getting into top universities with stronger, pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ”)
  • Why mindset is one of the top challenges that CEOs struggle with
  • The two principles that Jason lives by, how that also guides his work, and Jason’s definition for what “character” is
  • How Jason’s faith has impacted his work and business
  • How Jason is measuring success in his multiple businesses and in his life
  • Several book recommendations from Jason, including more about his own book 


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