Making the jump from a well-funded C-suite position straight into launching your own small business can be a shock to the system. But there are a couple lessons you can take from the C-suite to make your entrepreneurship journey more successful — and there’s no one better to teach those than our latest guest, Erin Marcus.

Erin is an international speaker and the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business. Having made the successful leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur and small business owner, Erin uses that experience, along with her MBA education, to help her clients reach heights they never dreamed possible. 

Tune into the full conversation for more on the typical mistakes small business owners make when they’re trying to sell their services, how to lead with value, why she starts every morning with LL Cool J (sort of), and a lot more. 

Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn: 

  • More about what Erin does, and why one-size-fits-all tactics don’t work for business development
  • Why it’s easier to sell a tactic than a strategy — and why that’s not working for businesses who are wanting to grow
  • Why Erin says this era is the opportunity small businesses have been waiting for
  • What the “horror” is that Erin realized when she left the corporate world — and why that realization can be such a shock to the system for entrepreneurs
  • The lessons that former C-suiters should take into their entrepreneurship journeys 
  • How corporate teaches people to be risk averse — and why that mindset doesn’t always serve small business owners well
  • Why there needs to be a “faster pace of failure” in small businesses
  • Why telling people “what” to do isn’t enough — and why value comes in explaining “how” to do it 
  • The pieces that cause your mental acuity to “leak” and why that informs the habits that Erin has integrated into her life
  • Why Erin “setting her stage” at 5:30 in the morning involves coffee, dogs, senseless violence, and LL Cool J
  • Why Erin’s litmus test every day is “Am I being a goat today?”

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