How to build confidence….

CEOs and Entrepreneurs: The Truth About Confidence

Are CEOs and entrepreneurs truly the most confident individuals in the world? Not quite.

If you happen to be a CEO or entrepreneur, you’re likely aware that confidence can be a complex journey. It involves:

  • Defining it
  • Building it
  • Maintaining it, especially over extended periods

In this episode of the Measure Success Podcast, we dive into the realm of confidence-building with a remarkable expert.

Nicole Kalil, a sought-after speaker and the author of “Validation is For Parking,” is a leadership strategist and a respected coach. She is also the host of the “This is Woman’s Work Podcast.” Having transitioned from the C-suite of a Fortune 100 company, Nicole has coached numerous women in the business world. She’s gained her invaluable insights into what does and doesn’t serve women and leaders within organizations—both structurally, systemically, and socially.

Listen to our in-depth conversation through the link below or on your preferred podcast platform. Discover how to build confidence as a business leader. Learn why it’s not as straightforward as it may seem. Hear about tactics to conquer “head trash,” the rule of three for life and business, and much more.

In This Episode: 

CEOs and entrepreneurs may appear confident, but the reality is that confidence can be elusive and challenging to nurture. Our guest is Nicole Kalil, an expert in leadership development. She discusses strategies for leaders how to build confidence and achieve their strategic objectives.

Nicole Kalil is a renowned speaker, author of “Validation is For Parking,” a leadership strategist, respect coach, and the host of the “This is Woman’s Work Podcast.” Having transitioned from the C-suite at a Fortune 100 company, she has empowered countless women in business. She gained valuable insights into the structural, systemic, and social challenges facing women and leaders within organizations.

Listen to the full conversation to discover how to build and maintain confidence as a business leader, tackle “head trash,” implement the rule of three for life and business, and gain more insights.

Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn: 
  1. Nicole’s career transition from the finance industry and the C-suite to entrepreneurship.
  2. The significance of building self-trust and Nicole’s “obsession” with confidence.
  3. Nicole’s 3-step process for developing confidence.
  4. Embracing imperfection as a parent and insights into Nicole’s book.
  5. “A-ha” moments from Nicole’s book that have impacted readers.
  6. Understanding and overcoming “head trash.”
  7. The interplay of perfectionism, head trash, and comparison in undermining confidence.
  8. Gender differences in confidence across the lifespan.
  9. Nicole’s “rule of three” for prioritizing business and life.
  10. The importance of “business planning” in Nicole’s marriage and family life.
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Don’t miss this insightful conversation on building leadership confidence with Nicole Kalil.

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