These days, hiring is one of the top challenges for businesses everywhere — no matter their size, industry, or geography. But no matter what’s going on in the economy or world, there are a few principles that organizations can follow to stay ahead of the curve and pull in the best candidates for open positions. Our guest this week is an expert in hiring and recruitment. Ryan Englin is the CEO and Founder of Core Matters, is passionate about supporting growing businesses to build amazingly productive companies by providing coaching and training on attracting, hiring, and retaining rock star employees using his proven process, the Core Fit Hiring System. 

Listen to the full episode for more on how to attract better job candidates, what today’s prospective employees are actually looking for, how to build better hiring processes, more about ghosting in the hiring world, and a lot more.

Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why entrepreneurs don’t typically have a knack for recruiting and hiring
  • What makes an organization attractive to potential employees and what it means to attract “with the right bait” 
  • Why companies should stop posting jobs solely on job boards — and where to recruit instead 
  • How business owners can make sure they’re in the right spot to attract future employees
  • How to create your own “fishing pond” of prospects — and why that’s so crucial to avoiding the chaotic search for a candidate after someone leaves unexpectedly
  • What to do and change about your hiring process when unemployment or other economic trends are shifting dramatically
  • More about the things that candidates are looking for out of a company
  • How “ghosting” came about in the hiring process — and how to avoid it as an employer
  • Why having a “process designed for speed” can help give companies a leg up in the hiring process
  • How sourcing processes might change depending on whether you’re hiring for lower level employees or middle managers and leaders
  • Why leaders should treat potential job candidates as “warm leads” 
  • Why new employees are only at about 50% of full productivity after 6 months in a position
  • The power of cultivating a “sense of belonging” within a company culture
  • Why having a best friend at work is such a strong indicator of employee engagement

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