Like with any social media platform, LinkedIn can be confusing, noisy, frustrating and seemingly just another item on your never-ending to-do list. And most executives simply don’t have time to create content or establish a presence there. They’re too busy running their business. 

Justin Nassiri is someone who helps CEOs clear those hurdles, and he also has some expert advice for what actually works on the constantly changing social platform. Justin is the CEO of Executive Presence, which provides a fully managed LinkedIn presence for CEOs and top executives. He is a U.S. Navy submarine veteran, Stanford MBA, and the founder of two previous companies. 

Tune into the full episode for more on what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to LinkedIn content for thought leaders, some of the top mistakes Justin sees executives make with their online personal brands, how to cut through the noise of online content, the role that generative AI can play, and more. 


Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn: 


  • How Justin got the idea for his company and how they help CEOs now
  • Why leaders tend to be averse to the idea of a “personal brand” — and the mindset shift that can help them think about that idea differently
  • The difference between “followers” and a “network”
  • More about the changes in LinkedIn’s algorithm, and how leaders can take advantage of those shifts
  • What content does the best on LinkedIn 
  • The difference in approach between executives and influencers on LinkedIn 
  • The ratio that leaders should shoot for between education and promotion in their content
  • Some of the most common blunders that executives make when it comes to LinkedIn content
  • The simple task executives should do on LinkedIn, even if they’re not ready to work with someone to produce their own original content
  • How Justin uses generative AI in his business to create and repurpose LinkedIn content
  • The difference between measuring success as a “business” and as an “organization,” plus the “North Star” that Justin tracks at his own company
  • How Justin finds small ways to stick with his habits, rather than falling into an “all or nothing” mindset 
  • The book that Justin was initially a little “embarrassed” to read — but now recommends


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