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Does Culture Eat Strategy for Breakfast?

Ever since the late management guru Peter Drucker famously declared that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” there has been a widespread understanding that managing corporate culture is key to business success. But what does this really mean? And where does strategy fit in?

As a growth strategist, I have always been a bit annoyed by this quote because legions of management will dismay strategy because, well, Peter Drucker said it. Yet, I have learned repeatedly that when a leadership team is in disarray, strategy does not succeed. On the other hand, I have seen so-called great cultures going nowhere.

The Role of Culture

Culture is the foundation of any organization. It shapes how people interact, make decisions, and approach their work. A culture of trust is especially crucial. Without trust, it’s difficult to move forward with any plan. People need to feel safe and supported to take risks, innovate, and collaborate effectively. When trust is lacking, even the best strategies can falter because the execution will be flawed.

The Importance of Strategy

However, having a strong culture alone is not enough. If your strategy is weak or misguided, you’ll still end up going in the wrong direction, no matter how cohesive and motivated your team is. Strategy provides the roadmap. It aligns efforts, sets clear goals, and defines the path to achieving those goals.

What is the Synergy of Culture and Strategy? 

When you have a strong culture and a solid strategy, they reinforce each other. A culture of trust ensures that people do what they say they will do, making execution smoother and faster. It fosters alignment, so everyone is working towards the same objectives. Measure Success Podcast guest, Stephen M.R. Covey, and author of the Speed of Trust, portrays clearly that when everyone is beating rowing the boat at the same speed, and direction, everyone moves faster together.

Why Strategy Matters

Strategy matters because it turns the potential of a strong culture into tangible results. With a clear strategy, your team knows where they are going and how to get there. It provides focus and direction, ensuring that efforts are not wasted.

Culture and strategy are both essential for business success. A great culture can amplify the effectiveness of your strategy, while a solid strategy can harness the power of a strong culture. It’s not a question of choosing one over the other, but rather understanding how they work together to drive your organization forward.

By managing both culture and strategy effectively, you create an environment where trust, alignment, and execution thrive, leading to sustainable success.

News on the home front…

Happy 28th Anniversary to my high-school sweetheart, Sarah! Thank you for being there for me and our wonderful family. You have been a supportive wife of a serial entrepreneur, not an easy job!

Second shout out…our youngest daughter just turned 18, happy birthday, Abby Cox, her early birthday present was being named the 2024 Gatorade Player of the Year in Soccer for the state of Oregon. We are super proud of you. To read more, the press release is here. 

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