In the Eye of the Hurricane, it is time to Get Back to Strategy. With a record number of hurricanes, national crisis, elections, pandemic – there have been many reasons to not be on track. The good news is we are probably passing the halfway point to a steady state. The time is now to act on short-term, 10 week goals to give your team success and alignment to prepare for the future.

As Hurricane Theta formed on November 9th, 2020 become the most active hurricane season on record.

Are we surprised?

This has been a remarkable year. Let’s do a quick summary.

  • Australia burned a record 47 million acres
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the royal family
  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • Kobe Bryant’s death
  • President Trump was impeached
  • Stock market crashed
  • Unemployment peaked over 14%
  • Black Lives Matter protests
  • US West record fires
  • Unemployment reduces to less than 7%
  • Stock market reach record highs

And did we forget the election?

Through all of this, many have not been able to catch their breath. We are ready for the year to be over. But there is a pause…if feels like the eye of the hurricane.

There are many uncertainties, but it is more likely than not that the storm is at least half way over. And now is the time to get back to strategy. Certainty will begin to return. It is those who are able to move first that will gain advantage to make a difference.

In recent webinars with the Washington State University MAP Alliance and Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP), the key lesson to take home is now is the time create positive and focused momentum for your organization. You never get a day back and the rent will eventually be due.

Start with Short Term Goals

Start now with writing 10 week short-term goals. Develop weekly milestones with your team and meet every week to measure the progress. We have to set an expectation if we did not meet that weekly milestone, it needs to be caught up by the next week.

Create Organizational Alignment

We also have to make sure the goals are clear and aligned. The Harvard Business Review identified the percentage of people who understood how their strategic goals fit together.

  • 54% of C-suite executives
  • 32% of their direct reports
  • 16% of team leaders and frontline supervisors

These are pretty miserable statistics. A pro-tip to overcome this obstacle is to meet frequently with your team to drive home the purpose of each goal and to clarify any ambiguity. The 10 week program will be a consistent reminder to foster alignment and develop positive momentum.

Push Yourself Up to Make a Difference Update

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and participated to the combination fundraiser for Homeboy Industries and doing push ups to get back in shape. It has been a long year for many of us on our kitchen table offices.

We have reached the first goal of $5,000 and lets work to exceed that milestone.

Here’s the link to donate!

For those at home or in the office, we are on Day 11 of Day 40. That means do 11 push ups in honor of the military.

A Veteran’s Day Salute

Speaking of the military, thank you to our military veterans who serve to protect our nation!

Picture credit from Wikipedia, Hurricane Isabel, International Space Station. I was unable to take that picture from my iPhone.

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